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Issuing ЕIC codes

Issuing ЕIC codes

The transport system operator "TRANSPORTGAS SERBIA" LLC., Novi Sad is registered as a Local Office for the issuance of energy identification code (LIO), under number 67 by the Central Office for the issuance of EIC codes (CIO) of the ENTSO-E Association in Brussels.

EIC code refers to the energy identification code, a unique energy code used in the electronic exchange of data on electricity and gas markets. The EIC code identifies facilities from electricity and gas infrastructure, balancing zones, production plants, natural gas storage plants, liquefied natural gas plants, important points of the gas transmission system/electricity network (input, output, input-output and connection points) and market participants.

The EIC code remains unchanged until the status of the EIC code owner changes.

The EIC code can be canceled at the request of the owner. Once the code is reset, it can no longer be used.

If the owner’s name changes, the EIC code does not change.

The owner of the EIC code is obliged to inform the issuer of the EIC code about changes such as: owner's name, display name, address, other contact information, etc.

If the EIC code is not issued by the central issuer ENTSO-E (Central Issuing Office - CIO), the issued code is local and valid only in the area of the local issuer.

EIC code issuance procedure:

The market participant fills in the EIC code application form (form link).

A filled in and signed application form, with all necessary information, in electronic form, is submitted to the e-mail address: and in printed form, to the following address:


Bulevar Oslobodjenja st. No 5

21000 Novi Sad 

Only complete forms are taken into consideration.

"TRANSPORTGAS SERBIA" LLC, Novi Sad, after processing the duly completed application by e-mail, submits information on the assigned EIC code, which contains the name, abbreviated name of the company, activity, validity date and any note.

The assigned EIC code becomes publicly available on the ENTSO-E Association website.

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