About Us

About the company

Limited Liability Company Transportgas Serbia Novi Sad was founded on August 20, 2015.

The main activity of Transportgas Srbija LLC Novi Sad is + transport of 4590 gas.

Transportgas Serbia LLC Novi Sad is registered to perform the activities of natural gas transport and management of the natural gas transport system.

Every year our company transports more than two billion cubic meters of natural gas to large industrial consumers and distributors connected to the gas transmission system. In winter, more than 12 million m3 of natural gas is transported safely and reliably throughout Serbia. Gas pipeline transport system - high pressure gas pipelines from 16 to 50 bars have a length of 2,230 km. Gas transport is performed reliably and continuously because Transportgas Serbia provides twenty-four-hour supervision and control of the parameters of the gas transport system. Remote monitoring is performed through a computer system that provides information on the status of the pipeline system’s key points. The transport system is monitored from the dispatch center in Novi Sad.

Capacity540.000 m3/h ( 13 million m³/day )
Pressure16 to 50 bars
Length2,230 km
Age25 years (avarage)
Compressor station4.4 МW
Imported gas1
Domestic gas10
PSG Bantaski Dvor1
GMRS165 (168)
PSG Bantaski Dvor1