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Istorijat Transportgas Srbija

1951. – The beginning of gas transport system construction

1963. – The completion of the pipeline section Mokrin-Kikinda-Elemir-Velika Greda-Pancevo

1979. – Putting the HORGOS-BATAJNICA gas transport pipeline into service - a pillar of Serbian gas transport system

1979. – The beginning of natural gas transit to BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

1980. – The beginning of gas pipeline construction in central Serbia

1982. – Compressor station Batajnica (gas for BiH) was set in motion -3 compressors were put into operation

1990. – 2 more compressors were put into operation in Batajnica

2003. – The beginning of construction work on the passage of gas transport pipeline section under the Danube river near Beska

2015. – The setting up of Transportgas Serbia